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Bosch in Malaysia
Why Bosch

Balance your life

Make your job match your lifestyle. We provide you with individual support.

Balance your life

Have you ever seen a cell phone that works without recharging? Neither have we. And we have never seen people being able to give their best when all they do is work.

With us there is more to life than just work. We support you in finding a healthy balance between your job and your private life and show understanding for the things that concern you: Whether it’s time for your children or for your parents’ home care. Whether it’s a hobby, community involvement, time abroad, or further education – together we will find the perfect way that fits your life cycles. And because we believe that ideas happen anywhere and that results count more than physical presence, we offer you flexible working models including working from home, job-sharing, part-time-jobs and much more.

At the same time, we provide the possibility to find good balance within our company. That’s why we offer various leisure activities and the chance to meet other associates for a great time-out.

Balance your life

Understanding our flexible work models

We have lots of ways to make your working hours more flexible. After all, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Together we’ll tailor a schedule to suit your needs and ours.

Flexitime – fitting it all in

With flexitime, the choice is yours: you could, for instance, start later and finish later or clock in early to leave early. If you have to work overtime, you can reclaim those hours as needed. That way, personal appointments can easily be slotted into the working day.

Executives – work your way

As an executive, we give you plenty of free rein. You can apportion your contractually defined working hours as you see fit. Establishing your work-life balance is also in your hands. If a jog at lunchtime clears your head, then go for it. Perhaps being home for dinner with the family is high on your agenda. As long as you’re producing results, we’re happy.

Work and family

Taking up a position abroad shouldn’t separate you from your family or interfere with your partner’s career. That’s why we try to find a suitable job for your other half in your new home – either at Bosch or one of our cooperation partners. In the past few years, we have facilitated about 40 dual-career couples’ moves abroad. Plus, your family will be supported in taking this step through reconnaissance trips, language courses or a training allowance.

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