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Bosch in Malaysia

Fields of work

Discover a variety of job possibilities — find your place in one of our many focus areas, business sectors and worldwide locations.

A perfect fit for everyone: our focus areas

Bosch is one of the leading companies worldwide in the field of the Internet of Things. Discover the areas where we strive to bring forward pioneering innovations.



At the Corporate Sector Division Research and Advance Engineering, you can see how your ideas have a direct effect on products. Help find innovative solutions for companies and customers that simultaneously make a difference in terms of efficiency, quality, and reliability. At our research centre in Singapore for example, you will find the perfect equipment to search for new ideas and bring forward our innovative power.



The demands on electric and electronic systems (E/E systems) in modern vehicles are rising steadily. As the number of systems in the on-board network continues to grow, the increasing exchange of data through vehicle connectivity must also be managed reliably.

At Bosch Engineering, you will bring forward new mobility solutions and contribute to the powertrain's efficiency and the comfort of today’s vehicles.

Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT)

Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT)

When artificial intelligence (AI) meets connected products (IoT), the result is countless new possibilities — at home, at work, and on the road. This is why we’ve set our sights on this key technology. At Bosch, almost every second position deals with software and the way we could improve and further develop it.

You can join us in bringing the Artificial Intelligence of Things forward, make people’s lives better, and establish completely new technologies.



With our Industry 4.0 solutions for connected manufacturing, we optimise production and logistics processes. We develop solutions to make machines communicate with each other and thus speed up production and improve safety at the same time. By collecting, visualising, and analysing machine, process, and sensor data, you can help us offer a whole new world of opportunities for companies.

Our functional areas for engineering, software and IT

From application engineering and manufacturing to Hardware, IT and Software — Join us in turning visions of the future into meaningful technology that is “Invented for life.”

Our functional areas for business

From accounting and logistics to marketing and sales – there are many doors open to you. Discover all working possibilities at Bosch.

Four business sectors, one objective: creating the future

Bosch is a leading technology and service company. See in which areas you can establish new technical milestones.

Discover your new workplace

Look around, and find out what your new neighbourhood looks like even before you start your new job.

Join the Team — LikeABosch actor Shawn and his friends welcomes applicants with this banner.

Our worldwide job markets

Since Bosch is a global brand, you can make your career plans with us come true anywhere in the world. Discover our job openings worldwide and find the job that perfectly fits you.

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